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Ace's Global Adventures

Our ACE nutrition mascot program is an interactive approach to educate elementary students about healthy eating. ACE and his friends help students understand how eating right and staying fit contribute to good health and achievement in academics and other activities. ACE and his friends convey a three-part Stay Healthy message to elementary students: Eat right! Get plenty of sleep! Exercise every day! 

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Fuel Promotions

Fuel Program
For a limited time each month, the FUEL program features a new monthly menu special that is developed by our chefs and nutritionists. Based on the feedback we receive through our Student ViewPOINT Survey and small focus groups, we incorporate new or enhanced flavors that students want and enjoy.

Designed for middle and high school students, FUEL recipes combat menu fatigue and reinforce the connection between healthy meals and performance at school and in favorite sports and activities. Throughout the promotion period, students also have the opportunity to try bite size samples of these dishes and provide us their feedback on taste and acceptability.